Williams Creek Summit Home Area Paternity Testing - DNA testing laboratory in Williams Creek Summit Home Area

Easy to use Home Test Kit in Williams Creek Summit Home Area.
At-home DNA Paternity Test Available to Williams Creek Summit Home Area Residents.

At Home Paternity Collection Kit

Discrete and accurate DNA paternity testing is instantly available in Williams Creek Summit Home Area. We will send you a DNA sample collection kit for easy at home use. Return the swabs in the preaddressed envelope and your results will be available to you in about a week's time. Paternity is a sensitive issue.

Our highly trained staff of professionals is ready to talk to you and supply guidance and reassurance on these sensitive and confidential matters. DNA Samples can be collected discretely in the privacy of your home and sent to us by mail or courier in 5 easy steps.

How accurate is the test?
Results are typically over 99.99% accurate for inclusion and 100% accurate for exclusion.

How to take a proper DNA Sample (Video Tutorial)
Video - Instructions
This video will help guide you through the cheek swab collection process and answer your common question.
Main points to consider:
  • 1) Do not eat, drink, smoke or chew gum for 30 minutes before collecting samples.
  • 2) The swab tips should not come into contact with any surface other that the inside of the cheek at any point before, during or after collection
  • 3) Move the swab up and down while also rotating. It's very important to rotate the swab with your fingers.
  • 4) Allow the swab to dry before storing. At least one hour.