Siblings and Half Sibling DNA Testing

Siblings DNA Test: The half sibling DNA test assumes one parent is different and tests to see if the other parent is shared.

Half Sibling DNA Testing: Full sibling tests assume there is one known parent in common such as the mom, and tests to see if both parents (Mother & Father) are shared. If you are not sure whether the mother and or father are shared, such as in an adoption, we can perform both a full and half sibling DNA test.

How accurate is the test?
Results are typically over 99.99% accurate for inclusion and 100% accurate for exclusion.

Price: US$ 299

How to take a proper DNA Sample (Video Tutorial)
Video - Instructions
This video will help guide you through the cheek swab collection process and answer your common question.
Main points to consider:
  • 1) Do not eat, drink, smoke or chew gum for 30 minutes before collecting samples.
  • 2) The swab tips should not come into contact with any surface other that the inside of the cheek at any point before, during or after collection
  • 3) Move the swab up and down while also rotating. It's very important to rotate the swab with your fingers.
  • 4) Allow the swab to dry before storing. At least one hour.